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About the Kolodzei Art Foundation, Inc.

The Kolodzei Art Foundation, Inc. promotes the contemporary art of Russia and Eastern Europe and encourages a more diverse arts world. The Kolodzei Art Foundation, a 501(c)(3) US-based non-profit corporation founded in 1991, arranges art exhibitions in museums, universities and cultural centers throughout the United States and Europe. Its Board of Directors includes distinguished business, diplomatic and cultural figures in US-European relations. The Kolodzei Art Foundation also arranges cultural exchanges and publishes books on Russian art.


The Kolodzei Art Foundation coordinates, finances, transportation, insurance, and other related costs of conducting exhibitions. All exhibitions are non-commercial (the works are not for sale) and open to the public. The Kolodzei Art Foundation borrows artwork from various private and public sources for the purpose of arranging exhibitions throughout the United States, Russia and Europe. In particular, the Kolodzei Art Foundation takes advantage of the opportunity to borrow works for these exhibitions from the Kolodzei Collection of Russian and Eastern European Art. The joint collection of Tatiana Kolodzei and her daughter, Natalia Kolodzei, has now grown to over 7,000 objects, including paintings, drawings,  sculptures, photographs, video and new media, by more than 300 artists from Russia. Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The Kolodzei Collection chronicles four decades of contemporary Russian, Eastern European and Soviet nonconformist art from the 1950s era to the present. 

Cultural Exchanges and Artists in Resident Program

The Kolodzei Art Foundation seeks to encourage and promote the advancement and development of Russian, Eastern European and former Soviet artists by arranging for the artists to take up residence for the purpose of studying and working in the United States. In addition to arranging the necessary financing for such trips, the Kolodzei Art Foundation helps organize and coordinate such necessary matters as transportation, accommodations, and academic work opportunities for the artists. The completion of many of these arrangements will primarily be accomplished by way of personal contacts made by the Kolodzei Art Foundation's Directors. The application process is open to the public and requires artists to submit written proposals demonstrating their entitlement to participate in this program. Applications are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors or their representatives.

Funding for the Kolodzei Art Foundation's activities is derived exclusively from charitable contributions made by public and private sources, including individuals and corporations. These charitable contributions are solicited from several sources. For example, the Kolodzei Art Foundation receives contributions from art supply companies, art collectors and patrons around the world with whom Ms. Kolodzei has worked in the past, persons who have visited the collection in Moscow, and other persons and organizations interested in supporting the arts. The solicitations may be both oral and written. Distributions from these accounts are made only in furtherance of the organization's charitable, cultural, and educational activities, as described by section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and only after the Kolodzei Art Foundationís Board of Directors, in its absolute discretion, has given approval to such distributions. All funds raised by the organization are applied towards expenses related to the organization's charitable, cultural, and educational activities.