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Kolodzei Art Foundation's Board of Directors

  • Samuel Harrell, Chairman

  • Tatiana Kolodzei, Founder & Co-Chair

  • Natalia Kolodzei, Executive Director
    Natalia Kolodzei, an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts, is a curator and art historian specializing on the art of Russia, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Ms. Kolodzei is along with Tatiana Kolodzei, owner of the Kolodzei Collection of Russian and Eastern European Art, containing over 7,000 artworks by over 300 artists from Russia and the former Soviet Union of the 20th and 21st centuries. Ms. Kolodzei has curated over eighty shows in the US, Europe and Russia, including: Oleg Vassiliev: Memory Speaks (Themes and Variations), the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow and the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; Moscow-New York =Parallel Play and From Leningrad to St. Petersburg, Chelsea Art Museum, New York; and Hurricane of Time: 1960-2000, San Remo, Italy. In addition, she has contributed to several books and catalogues, including: Vadim Voinov . The State Hermitage under a Full Moon, the State Hermitage Museum; Olga Bulgakova, WAM, 2007; Alexander Sitnikov, WAM, 2007; Art Constitution: the Illustrated Constitution of the Russian Federation, 2003; Oleg Bourov, Musée Daubigny, Auvers-sur-Oise, France, 2000; and Yakov Vinkovetsky: Windows into the Spaces of Light, The State Institute of Art History, Moscow, 2001.

  • Grace Kennan Warnecke

  • Amb. Guy de Muyser

  • Orna Shulman

  • Wayne Merry

Honorary Patrons

  • Countess Ruth Lambsdorff

  • The Honorable Timothy Lewin

  • Christian K. Keesee

  • Eugene A. Rostov