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Ilya Kabakov (Илья Иосифович Кабаков) (born in 1933 in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine; worked in Moscow; died in 2023 in Mattituck, New York)

Selected works from the Kolodzei Collection of Russian and Eastern European Art

Ilya Kabakov, Measuring the Altitude of Variometer, 1961. Crayon pastel on paper

Ilya Kabakov
Ilya Kabakov, Composition, 1968. Crayon, Indian ink on paper.

Ilya Kabakov, Anton Markovich Poliakin: Can you remove this stick from me? Arkadi Iliich Zosimsky: And this ball from me! 1970. Colored pencil, ink on paper.

Ilya Kabakov, Ivan Petrovitch Rybakov - Can I Put My Chair Here and Sit Down? Nikita Efimovitch Yershov - You Are Welcome, 1981-1982. 17 x 14-3/8 inches

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