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Oleg Vassiliev (Олег Васильев) 
Oleg Vassiliev was born in Moscow in 1931 and was one of the leading figures in the Russian "unofficial" art movement. Since 1990, the artist lives and works in the United States.
In his art Vassiliev combines the traditions of Russian Realism of the 19th century with the Russian avant-garde of the beginning of the 20th century. Vassilievís principal themes, which were born while he was in Russia and continue to the present day, are his memories of home and houses, roads, forests, fields, friends and family.
Oleg Vassiliev: Memory Speaks (Themes and Variations), published by Palace Editions, the State Russian Museum, with essays by Amei Wallach, Andrew Solomon, Natalia Kolodzei, Ilya Kabakov, Eric Bulatov, Victor and Margarita Tupitsyn, and Oleg Vassiliev. Oleg Vassiliev: Memory Speaks (Themes and Variations) reflects the artistís career from 1949 to the present day.
Book available for information please contact Natalia Kolodzei at Kolodzei@KolodzeiArt.org or visit Amazon.com

Selected Solo Exhibitions
Oleg Vassiliev: Memory Speaks (Themes and Variations). State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
2004 Oleg Vassiliev: Memory Speaks (Themes and Variations). State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
Oleg Vassiliev: Works 1987-1995. Blomquist, Oslo, Norway.
Oleg Vassiliev. On Black Paper 1994-1997. Wake Forest University Fine Art Gallery, Winston, Salem, NC, USA. Travel to Denison University Art Gallery, Granville, OH, USA.
1968 Oleg Vassiliev. Bluebird Cafe. Exhibition including 25 works. Moscow, Soviet Union.

Selected works from the Kolodzei Collection of Russian and Eastern European Art

Oleg Vassiliev, Portrait of Ratgauz, 1964. Oil on canvas

Oleg Vassiliev, Near the Sea, 1966. Oil on canvas

Oleg Vassiliev, White Skiers, 1990. Oil on canvas

Oleg Vassiliev, Anzer, 2001. Oil, colored pencil on canvas

Oleg Vassiliev, Natalia Kolodzei, Tatiana Kolodzei at the Oleg Vassiliev exhibition at the State Tretyakov Gallery, 2004.

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